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Removing Pins From A Finger

removing pins from a fingerIn this video, you’ll see how I remove pins from a finger.

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Subcuticular (Buried) Suture Technique Video

subcuticular suture woundIn this video, I’ll show you my favorite method of closing surgical incisions. It’s not appropriate for all incisions but it offers the following advantages and I use it whenever I can:

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Thumb Muscle Atrophy – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

muscle atrophy in the thumbAtrophy or wasting of the thumb (thenar) muscles is the last stage of nerve injury in carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What Are the Trigger Finger Symptoms?

trigger finger symptoms

trigger finger symptomsI’ve just posted a new video that demonstrates trigger finger symptoms. Feel free to leave comments and start following me on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll find the links in the video.

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