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Wrist Pain In Golfers – Symptoms, Treatment, And Prevention

image from NBC

If you play golf long enough, you’ll have wrist pain – it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

In this article I’ll cover some basics of wrist pain in golfers and point you to some great resources on golf injuries in the hand and arm.

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Avoid Hand Pain And Injury When Cooking With Tomatoes And Peaches


tomatoes – peel these easily and avoid hand pain

Avoiding hand pain when cooking with tomatoes can be easier, thanks to a simple trick.

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Avoiding Hand Injury In The Kitchen – Your Dishwasher


Our hands are always busy in the kitchen. Kids are no exception. Here’s how to avoid a dishwasher-related hand injury disaster in your kitchen.
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Gardening Safety Tips For Avoiding Injury And Pain

gardening hands, wrists, and elbows

Gardening season can be hard on hands, wrists, and elbows. It’s easy to forget the basics. Here are some ways to avoid tendonitis, infection, and pain this year.
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Preventing Warm Weather Injuries – Tips for Parents

Warmer weather means more outdoor activities for kids. This guide will give you some concrete tips you can use right now to protect your kids and avoid injury during the warm weather season.

The number one priority

Your top priority as a parent and authority is to find a balance between protection and fun . . . → Read More: Preventing Warm Weather Injuries – Tips for Parents

Mommy Thumb – Do You Recognize These Five Signs?

right hand thumb and wrist with tendonitis

You’ll learn how to recognize these signs in yourself or in a mom you love – plus an easy way to reduce pain from mommy thumb without injections or splints!

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Five Ways to Avoid A Halloween Pumpkin Carving Injury

three carved pumpkins

Each year, thousands of people carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. The world record for number of pumpkins carved was set in 2006 in Boston. Some of the designs might be considered an extreme art form!

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