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Dez Bryant – Finger Fracture Surgery Using Bone Graft


picture of dez bryant's finger splint

Credit: John Rhodes

The Dallas Morning News reports that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant admits he needs surgery for his broken finger but wants to delay surgery until the off season. Apparently the surgery will require bone grafting. What does this involve? Is it a good idea for Dez to wait to have surgery? Read the full article →

Kendall Marshall’s Broken Wrist – What Is A Scaphoid Bone?

anatomy of wrist bonesUniversity of North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall will have surgery to fix a fractured scaphoid bone. Surgery is scheduled for sometime today, and will involve putting a screw in the scaphoid bone, according to Kendall’s father, Dennis Marshall.

In this article I’ll show you a picture of where the scaphoid is in the wrist, and what a typical screw looks like that might be put inside the bone in surgery.

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Baseball Wrist Injuries – Christian Walker’s Broken Wrist

Christian Walker of the South Carolina Gamecocks scored a go-ahead run in the College World Series last night with a broken left wrist.

2011 college world series ameritrade park

from Flickr - ensign_beedrill

What kind of wrist fracture does he have? In this article, I’ll show you where the most common type of hamate fracture is in baseball players.
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How Can Steven Jackson Play With a Broken Finger?

steven jackson of the St. Louis Rams

How can Rams running back Steven Jackson play against the Carolina Panthers if he just had surgery this week (Monday)?

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Brett Favre’s Elbow Condition and You

brett favre vikings

This is a press release from PR Newswire. Brett has a condition called tennis elbow which I see almost every week in the office.

Superstar Quarterback’s 290th Consecutive Start Questionable as Doctors Reveal More about His Injury

ROSEMONT, Ill., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre’s record hangs in the . . . → Read More: Brett Favre’s Elbow Condition and You