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Trigger Finger Incision

hand and question markMany patients ask where I put the incision for a trigger finger surgery. Knowing where the scar will be is an important part of getting ready for this procedure.

Find out where I make a trigger finger incision in this short article. I’ve included some pictures and a video to make things clear.

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Removing Pins From A Finger

removing pins from a fingerIn this video, you’ll see how I remove pins from a finger.

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Spasticity in Stroke and Brain Injured Patients

stroke injury presentation

We’ve all known someone affected by stroke or brain injury. One of the most common consequences of such an injury to the central nervous system is spasticity. This just refers to overactive muscles that cause a contracted arm or leg. Spasticity is a stroke symptom, but occurs weeks or months after the stroke.

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Can Regenerative Medicine Re-grow a Finger?

You may have seen a recent story on CNN about a patient whose finger grew back after the tip of the finger was amputated. This story is all over the internet and people are wondering (understandably) what all the fuss is about.

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What is a Hand Surgeon?

ASSH SiteMany patients tell me, “Doc, I need my hands!” I’m glad they feel this way, because hands are my specialty and my passion.

The term or job description “hand surgeon” means much more than just “a doctor who does surgery on hands”.

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