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Incisions In Surgery – How Does A Surgeon Decide Where To Put The Incision?

transverse incision on a wrist

How do surgeons decide how to make an incision? Many factors go into choosing the right incision for surgery. I’ll share three I use to make my decision.

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Types of Anesthesia for Hand and Arm Surgery

anesthesia machine

The choice of anesthesia is a choice we make together as surgeon and patient in the office. Unfortunately, one important person is missing from the decision process on the day you see me in the office and you decide to have surgery: the anesthesia provider (nurse or doctor). Sometimes a pre-op visit can be arranged with that person before surgery if necessary.

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Local Anesthesia in Hand Surgery

needle with drop

Of all the types of anesthesia available for surgeons and patients, local anesthesia has the most advantages for the hand surgeon.

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Subcuticular (Buried) Suture Technique Video

subcuticular suture woundIn this video, I’ll show you my favorite method of closing surgical incisions. It’s not appropriate for all incisions but it offers the following advantages and I use it whenever I can:

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