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Forearm Fractures In Kids – What Parents Need To Know

Bones in children are different from bones in adults. They break differently and they respond differently to injury.

Some fractures occur both in adults and kids – some fractures occur only in children. Forearm fractures occur in both, with some important differences. This article will cover some of the basics of forearm fractures in . . . → Read More: Forearm Fractures In Kids – What Parents Need To Know

What Is A Mallet Fracture?

A mallet fracture is a broken bone at the tip of the finger. It’s common, rarely needs surgery, and is almost never caused by a mallet!IMG_2851

Scaphoid Fracture Surgery – What Happens If A Scaphoid Fracture Never Heals?

scaphoid fracture x-ray non-union arthritisAn important part of deciding to have surgery for a scaphoid fracture is figuring out what can happen if you don’t have surgery. This article shows you a good example of what happens if a scaphoid fracture never heals.

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Elbow Fractures – What Patients Should Know About Broken Elbows

lateral x-ray of elbow

elbow x-ray image – lateral with humerus, ulna, and radius bones

In this article I’ll cover some common questions about elbow fractures. Patients will elbow injuries often have the same questions about their problem – hopefully you’ll find this useful if you or someone you know has an elbow fracture.
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Baseball Wrist Injuries – Christian Walker’s Broken Wrist

Christian Walker of the South Carolina Gamecocks scored a go-ahead run in the College World Series last night with a broken left wrist.

2011 college world series ameritrade park

from Flickr - ensign_beedrill

What kind of wrist fracture does he have? In this article, I’ll show you where the most common type of hamate fracture is in baseball players.
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Family Health Today – Warm Weather Injuries in Kids

I appeared recently on the Family Health Today program to discuss warm weather injuries in children.

There’s one child’s fracture that’s more likely to need surgery than any other broken bone – I’ll show you an example of that injury in this video.

. . . → Read More: Family Health Today – Warm Weather Injuries in Kids

Broken Bones in Children – Five Common Questions From Parents

It’s a scary experience when your child breaks a bone. The most common fracture I see in children is a broken arm, either at the wrist or in the elbow. It’s normal for parents to have lots of questions when they come in the office. These are some of the most frequently asked . . . → Read More: Broken Bones in Children – Five Common Questions From Parents

Should I Have My Plate and Screws Removed?

x-ray of wrist plate screwsPatients often ask, “Will the plate have to be taken out?” during our discussions about fixing bad wrist fractures or fractures in other parts of the hand and arm. Some patients ask this after a successful surgery when the bone is healed.

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How Do They Fix a Broken Collar Bone?

lance armstrong's head

Lance Armstrong broke his collar bone (clavicle) on March 23, 2009. He was competing in a race in Spain when he and several other cyclists were involved in a crash. Doctors in Spain diagnosed him with a fractured clavicle, one of the most common orthopaedic cycling injuries.

How is a broken clavicle treated?

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What Are the Symptoms of A Broken Wrist?

x-ray of fractured scaphoid

Do I have a broken wrist, or is it just a sprained wrist? How can I tell?

The wrist is a group of bones held together by strong ligaments. Damage to either part of the wrist can be a serious injury.

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