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What Is Tennis Elbow?

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis (inflammation on the outside part of the elbow). This is a painful condition that involves a tendon on the outside part of your elbow.

A tendon starts from bone, turns into muscle, then back to tendon and reattaches to bone at the other . . . → Read More: What Is Tennis Elbow?

Ganglion Cyst Pictures

ganglion cyst – left hand

Ganglion cyst on the palm (volar) side of the . . . → Read More: Ganglion Cyst Pictures

Thumb Pain – Four Common Causes

painful thumb

If your thumb hurts and you didn’t jam it or injure it in a specific way, this article may help you diagnose the problem.

The four most common causes of thumb pain are:

Thumb arthritis Trigger thumb Thumb Tendonitis Carpal tunnel syndrome Thumb Arthritis

Past age 65, 75% of patients have . . . → Read More: Thumb Pain – Four Common Causes

Trigger Finger Incision

hand and question markMany patients ask where I put the incision for a trigger finger surgery. Knowing where the scar will be is an important part of getting ready for this procedure.

Find out where I make a trigger finger incision in this short article. I’ve included some pictures and a video to make things clear.

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When You Hit Your Funny Bone, It’s Not Funny!

If you’re like me, you’ve hit your funny bone more than a few times in your life. It happens when you bang the inside part of your elbow on the edge of a table or other hard object. Pain and tingling shoot into your hand and sometimes it causes numbness that takes a while to go away.

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Mommy Thumb – Do You Recognize These Five Signs?

right hand thumb and wrist with tendonitis

You’ll learn how to recognize these signs in yourself or in a mom you love – plus an easy way to reduce pain from mommy thumb without injections or splints!

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