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Forearm Fractures In Kids – What Parents Need To Know

Bones in children are different from bones in adults. They break differently and they respond differently to injury.

Some fractures occur both in adults and kids – some fractures occur only in children. Forearm fractures occur in both, with some important differences. This article will cover some of the basics of forearm fractures in . . . → Read More: Forearm Fractures In Kids – What Parents Need To Know

Fingertip Ganglion Cysts – Mucous Cysts

The most common tumor in the finger is a ganglion cyst.

A ganglion cyst is simply a fluid-filled sac. It can be visible from the outside or buried deep underneath the skin.

Sometimes it causes symptoms like soreness and pain; other times patients have no idea it’s there.

What is a mucous cyst?

Ganglion . . . → Read More: Fingertip Ganglion Cysts – Mucous Cysts

What Is Tennis Elbow?

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis (inflammation on the outside part of the elbow). This is a painful condition that involves a tendon on the outside part of your elbow.

A tendon starts from bone, turns into muscle, then back to tendon and reattaches to bone at the other . . . → Read More: What Is Tennis Elbow?

Do You Have An Allergy Or A Reaction?

A common source of confusion and worry among patients is the subject of allergies. I’m not talking about sneezing and runny nose symptoms from lots of pollen in the air – I’m talking about allergies to medications.

You know when a doctor or nurse asks, “are you allergic to anything?” – how would . . . → Read More: Do You Have An Allergy Or A Reaction?

What Is A Mallet Fracture?

A mallet fracture is a broken bone at the tip of the finger. It’s common, rarely needs surgery, and is almost never caused by a mallet!IMG_2851

Incisions In Surgery – How Does A Surgeon Decide Where To Put The Incision?

transverse incision on a wrist

How do surgeons decide how to make an incision? Many factors go into choosing the right incision for surgery. I’ll share three I use to make my decision.

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Scaphoid Fracture Surgery – What Happens If A Scaphoid Fracture Never Heals?

scaphoid fracture x-ray non-union arthritisAn important part of deciding to have surgery for a scaphoid fracture is figuring out what can happen if you don’t have surgery. This article shows you a good example of what happens if a scaphoid fracture never heals.

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What Is Cubital Tunnel?

man holding a cell phone with a bent elbow

Flexion (bending) of the elbow while on the phone can make cubital tunnel syndrome worse

Cubital tunnel is like carpal tunnel, just at the elbow.

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Ganglion Cyst Pictures

ganglion cyst – left hand

Ganglion cyst on the palm (volar) side of the . . . → Read More: Ganglion Cyst Pictures

Carpal Tunnel Questions – Which Side Of The Wrist Gets Carpal Tunnel?


A flexed wrist

Which side of the wrist gets carpal tunnel?
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