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Miley Cyrus Wrist Cyst Surgery Explained

What happened to Miley’s wrist?

Friday, Miley Cyrus posted pictures of her wrist surgery on Instagram. Here’s the most likely story behind the graphic picture that’s all over the internet.

The most likely diagnosis

Miley most likely had a ganglion cyst. It’s the most common tumor of the hand and wrist – and it’s . . . → Read More: Miley Cyrus Wrist Cyst Surgery Explained

Rashad Johnson’s Fingertip Injury – How Are Fingertip Injuries Treated?

Rashad Johnson's bandaged left middle fingertip

Rashad Johnson’s bandaged left middle fingertip (ESPN)

Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson injured his fingertip in a game against the New Orleans Saints last week. How did this happen? What was the surgery like? What happens now? I’ll answer these questions and more in this article.

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Did Ed Sheeran Cut A Tendon Or Nerve In His Hand?

Ed Sheeran's Bloody bandage

Ed Sheeran’s Bloody bandage (Sheeran/Instagram)

Ed Sheeran was in Nashville last night performing at Bridgestone Arena. He somehow cut his hand after the show and wound up in a Nashville ER. He posted pictures of his injury on Instagram – did he cut a tendon or a nerve? Read the full article →

Dez Bryant – Finger Fracture Surgery Using Bone Graft


picture of dez bryant's finger splint

Credit: John Rhodes

The Dallas Morning News reports that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant admits he needs surgery for his broken finger but wants to delay surgery until the off season. Apparently the surgery will require bone grafting. What does this involve? Is it a good idea for Dez to wait to have surgery? Read the full article →

David Ash’s Wrist Injury – What Causes Bruising In An Injured Wrist?

image credit: ABC

Texas QB David Ash goes to the locker room for x-rays of an injured, bruised wrist What causes bruising in a wrist injury like David’s?

Bruising is caused by bleeding underneath the skin.

It’s usually a sign of severe trauma in a young person, whose bones are harder and ligaments . . . → Read More: David Ash’s Wrist Injury – What Causes Bruising In An Injured Wrist?

Kendall Marshall’s Broken Wrist – What Is A Scaphoid Bone?

anatomy of wrist bonesUniversity of North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall will have surgery to fix a fractured scaphoid bone. Surgery is scheduled for sometime today, and will involve putting a screw in the scaphoid bone, according to Kendall’s father, Dennis Marshall.

In this article I’ll show you a picture of where the scaphoid is in the wrist, and what a typical screw looks like that might be put inside the bone in surgery.

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Jay Cutler’s Thumb Fracture, Surgery, and Rehabilitation

jay cutler falls on his thumbJay Cutler’s thumb fracture was most likely a displaced break in one of the three bones that make up the thumb. His total time off the field could be as long as eight weeks.
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Hands and Arms in the News – Rahm Emanuel’s Finger

You may have noticed that former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s right middle finger is missing. What happened?

Rahm Emanuel's finger

from The Economist -

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How Can Steven Jackson Play With a Broken Finger?

steven jackson of the St. Louis Rams

How can Rams running back Steven Jackson play against the Carolina Panthers if he just had surgery this week (Monday)?

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Hands and Arms on Film – Val Kilmer’s Elbow

elbowIn this scene from Heat, with Robert DeNiro, Kilmer and DeNiro’s characters have a conversation in a beach house.

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